Sure hope this works

I tried doing a new post a couple of days ago but couldn’t get it to post.

A couple of book things.

Just saw that James Patterson posted to his Facebook page that one can read 20 chapters of his “scariest book yet, Zoo.” Having read some of his stuff years ago, I believe that would only be about 25 pages, with lots of white space, so not much time out of your life if you’re so inclined.

And I have learned that “Fifty Shades of Chicken” will be released in Nov. Looks pretty good…apparently the author is “known” in the food world, so is using a pseudonym. S/he read the Grey books and realized s/he had already participated in BDSM frequently…in the kitchen…with poultry. A book is born!

If I can get this to post, at least I’ll know how to post from my Fire. And perhaps I’ll actually tell someone I’ve started a blog.


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