Weekend Update

Took Harper and Mnementh tracking this morning. This was Mnementh’s second time out there…and in tall weeds today. He grazed frequently. None of my others have done that while tracking. LOTS of “leave it!”s going on out there. Dave laid one short track through some mousehole infested grounds. Oh, no…that was WAY too interesting for him! He was one tired (and full–both treats and “salad”) puppy when we were done. Jim said Harp did well. He was out with Ruth, and I was out with Dave, so we didn’t get to watch each other. We should get out tomorrow for tracks with both of them, too.

Started a pair of baby sandals–beautiful pattern recommended to me by my friend Carole. I got the first two rounds done…then the pattern designer sent out an edited version. The first one said to use size 3 or size 10 crochet cotton (very different weights) and a 1.5 mm hook and 3 to 5 mm beads. This one is more specific, listing hook and weight sizes for four different infant and young toddler sizes. So I’ll rip out what I started and start over, I believe…I’m using the lighter weight thread and the new instructions say to use that weight with a smaller hook. I dunno. Maybe I’ll just keep going and see what size I end up getting. The only other bad part is that the first one didn’t say to string the beads up front and in reading through, I thought I found a better place to string them. The good news is that these particular beads have holes big enough for my hook to fit through, so I probably can keep going. But on the other hand, if I’m gonna have to rip it out and start over, it’s a lot easier with only 2 rounds done!

Mikey was kind enough to mention my elephants in a video he made of some of the donations to the Crafting for a Cure cause that he works with during the CreativFestival. Maybe some time I can get up fhere to see it–it’s twice a year, spring and fall. About a 12 hour drive, I think.(southern Ontario).


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