Dog show, hooking, and film…oh,my

Great 10th anniversary dog show by K9 Sports Club this past weekend! All dog shows are fun (or I would quit going) but I especially like the UKC and TDAA shows because EVERYONE is so relaxed and having a good time! Great judges, great dogs, and great friends!

I didn’t show this week; I table stewarded all weekend. Jim was in Omaha with James’s family, visiting Brandon and the zoo. So he wasn’t available to take the dogs out to potty and run, and I didn’t want to leave Harp crated constantly.

I had time Saturday to go to Sears to buy a fridge we’d looked at earlier. Hated doing that.
Salesman: Do you want the extended three year warranty for $179?
Me: If I need that, I’m buying the wrong refrigerator.
Salesman: You don’t understand. They don’t make them like they used to. (Surprise!) Energy Star requires more maintenance.
So I call Jim (at the zoo), knowing he’ll say no, too. BUT HE DIDN’T. So I bought the darn plan. Maybe I’ll cancel it before we pick up the fridge.

I was working on a crocodile stitch baby blanket Fri at the show when I noticed my pop cup had a lot (because “alot” is not a word!) of condensation. So I grabbed cotton yarn and made up a pattern for a croc stitch coaster. I made 2 for Sheryl to throw in her judge’s bag, then on Sat I made 3 more sets of 2 for the other judges. I’m also working on hats, scarves, and cowls, and bought yarn yesterday for Christmas stockings.

It’s in limited release now, but go see “Butter” if you get a chance. Funny movie. It takes liberties, but it’s about the Iowa state fair. There’s a butter carving competition, instead of it just being a display. The final carving by one of the contestants is of the JFK assassination and it’s in such bad taste that I couldn’t help but laugh. So did everyone else. Filmed at the LA state fairgrounds, I believe, because it was shooting at the time of the Iowa film industry “unpleasantness.”


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