Well, I’m home

There’s more than 12″ of snow on our side of town, the malls are opening late, parts of the interstate and freeway are closed with stuck cars, there’s a no-towing law in effect (hence the stuck cars), and I’ve got my shopping done and mostly wrapped. So I’m here watching morning TV, trying to figure out what to have for lunch (I had part of a Bavarian pretzel for breakfast).
Crochet-wise, I created a pattern for a hooded Mobius cowl and have made several of those for grandkids and Christmas gifts, have orders for a few more (including some non-hooded–more fashion than warmth, although if you wrap them twice, they do keep your neck pretty warm!), did several candle wreaths (nothing worse than a naked candle, huh?), a TON of towel holders (some reversible) with fun buttons, and sometimes jingle bells, to hold them on the oven or fridge handle, some slippers, dishcloths and potholders (of course), and some work on a couple of afghans that I’ve started with no purpose in mind at this point.
I’m reading “Necromancing the Stone.” Loved “Hold Me Closer, Necromancer” and this sequel came out a couple of months ago, but I’m just now getting to it. These are fun reads. I kinda wish I’d re-read the first one before starting this one, so maybe I’ll do that. There’s one character I’m just not quite placing….
Anthem is pacing nervously (and slowly, bless his little heart), thinking that if I’m out here on the big computer, maybe I’ll be leaving soon and he doesn’t like being left behind at all anymore. But even if I were going to head to James’s, the dogs would stay home. I wouldn’t risk getting stuck somewhere with them. Worrying about myself is enough! Harper is back on the bed. If I get up and head to the door, he’ll know it, but he’s content to not be right at my feet right now.
The noon weather report says the worst is over, but that it’s still bad. The shots of local streets and highways don’t look good. Our street’s not plowed yet. We’re on a hill, so it’s hard to get back to our house if it’s slick at all. I think I’ll just stay here. Baking can wait till tomorrow or next week. We’re heading to St Louis tomorrow night for the weekend (coming back on Monday so the girls can have Christmas morning at home).
I am SO looking forward to Christmas morning and Kat’s open-mouthed joy face. James mentioned the other day the same thing I’ve been thinking…if only we had a camera trained on her at those moments! Maybe we’ll capture that look Christmas morning.
To anyone who reads this–Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all the best to you!


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