Happy New Year

I started typing with my right hand one set of keys over to the right.  Maybe I should have left it that way. 

We had a great Christmas–in St Louis the weekend before, coming home on Christmas Eve, with both boys, d-i-l, and all three grands.  My next-older brother and s-i-l were there on Sat and Sun, and my oldest bro and some of his family were there on Sunday.  Another of his sons visited my mom on Monday after we left, with HIS family, so she had a lot of kids and grands there to celebrate with her. 

Christmas day, we got up early and went over to James’s house, where he and Brandon (visiting from Omaha) were already up. I got dinner into the crockpot and then we waited for Tera and the girls to wake up so we could do the unwrapping thing.  It was a terrific day!  Kat’s old enough now that she didn’t get all whiney halfway through the unwrapping.  In fact, she didn’t get whiney till the rest of us were also whiney, so she’s growing up!

As far as books are concerned, I did decide to go back and re-read Hold Me Closer, Necromancer…then I started over on Necromancing the Stone.  Love both of those books, by a Seattle author named Lish McBride.  If you’ve got a Kindle and you’d like to borrow, I can check to see if they’re available for me to ship over to your device for a few weeks. Started an anthology, and the next one will Mark of Athena.

Jim’s got a bad cold, so when he got home from work yesterday, he took a bath and came into the bedroom to get dressed to go out with friends and I told him to just crawl into bed and stay home.  He did so, but I went out to dinner with Ken and Cindy, then we saw Parental Guidance.  Funny, funny movie–especially when Billy Crystal’s character takes his youngest grandson into a rather nasty public restroom and the boy announces that his dad sings to him to help him go….  I’ll have to see it again to try to hear the whole song because everyone was laughing so much that I couldn’t hear the lyrics in several places. 

When Jim has a cold, I don’t get much sleep, so I’m groggy today.  We’ve done nothing. I have leftover lasagna in the oven for our New Year’s dinner.  And I’ll probably start Zicam to ward off getting the stupid cold…which in turn will kill my tastebuds.  Just because a few people lost their sense of smell after using the nasal-squirt form of Zicam, they took it off the market.  I loved that stuff…sure kicked my colds where it did the most good for several years there before those-who-couldn’t-smell-anymore ruined it for the rest of us!!! 

Michael’s has the Boa yarn on sale this week.  Got some up in Ankeny, and I may run to the one in WDM to find out what colors, if any, they still have available.  So if you’re in the market for a “feathery” cowl or hooded cowl or scarf, let me know what you want in what color and I can quote a price for you.  These are a pain in the neck, so to speak, to get that first couple of rounds done right, but they sure are pretty!  I’m working on three cowls for a friend now–got a purple one done, working on the cardinal–red and black–one now, and she also wants a jet black.  The purple is quite wide. She said she wanted it wider than the cowl part of the hooded one I was working on, so I just kept going till I ran out of yarn.  I won’t get that far on the cardinal one till I find out how that width is for her taste!  And I still need to do one more hooded cowl for a girl at the gym once her mom decides for sure what color they want!

Had a mini-scare with Harper.  He reacted badly to his rabies shot early in Dec–bad, bad scratching (I’d just combed him the day before, but he dug out so much undercoat that it looked like dreadlocks hanging from him), frantic inability to get comfy, etc.  So I called the vet, we tried Benedryl, that didn’t work, so we went back in at 4 that afternoon and he got a shot of antihistamine to stop the itching and a sedative to settle him.  Then he was due for his DHPP and bordetella this past week…and on Christmas, I found a small lump on his left front leg.  Looked like a blister (more like Elmer’s wood glue had dropped onto his leg and solidified), a bit hard, and he didn’t care at all when I pushed on it or wiggled it.  So in to the vet we went last week.  They are now going to give him a shot of antihistamine just before ANY vaccinations, and he sailed through those just fine.  Dr K said the lump looked to be probably an infected hair follicle and he suggested letting it pop/drain on its own.  Which it did this morning.  So he’s just fine.  Anthem is his usual elderly self…if he were human, he’d be sitting on the front porch hollering, “Hey, you kids, get off my lawn!”  But he does come up to me every day at least once wanting to be cuddled…but just for a little while.  His trip to the emerg clinic this past summer when we were all afraid he was going into CHF (but it turned out to be a very, VERY expensive asthma attack) garnered him some chest x-rays and, of course, he’s so little that we got pretty much his whole body and know that he has some spondylosis along his spine.  So I’m sure he’s not terribly, terribly comfortable being held.  He rarely whimpers, so I hesitate to give him pain meds at this point.  He seems very content in his own little world, although I know he misses Bubba, who was a companion for him without asking him repeatedly to play or to “get out of my WAY” like Harp does occasionally as he’s racing through the house. 

Ta for now!  Happy New Year to all!  And I’ll get my holiday greetings out on e-mail to those of you who didn’t get a real card very, very soon.  Printer problems let to me know being able to print my letter or any address labels, so I took the lazy way out and sent the hard copies to family and to those of you for whom I don’t have e-mail addresses!


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