Another day at the zoo.

Well, we’re in the middle of unexpected tons-o-snow.  Crept over to James’s yesterday morning, shoveled around 2 pm, it was just as bad on his driveway again by 4 when I left and crept home.  This morning, more snow…I could get out of the driveway, but James called and he’s working at home (no school for the girls today), so no rush.

Meanwhile, as I walked in the door last night, I had a call from “Crystal” (probably spelled more like Kryztl or something) from Trips Incentives.  This is the place that advertised back in Oct on Deal Chicken for 2 nights at a cheap price at a couple of places in Orlando. Tera needed 2 more nights for them, so we each bought one of these deals.  Tera tried to make her reservation immediately, but was told they weren’t doing Mar reservations till Dec, so I just waited.  She made her reservation, it wasn’t confirmed, she called, and found out she’d input her credit card number wrong, so she corrected and got a confirmation.  I have no idea why they didn’t contact her to tell her it hadn’t gone through the first time.  I made my reservation, the $50 deposit (to be refunded after the trip; we’d already paid for the rooms when we bought the deals) went through, no confirmation.  I called and they apologized and sent my confirmation.

Last night, Crystal or whatever told me that she’d just realized that we were apparently a “group” because we’re both named Watson and are arriving on the same day, so one of us has to change our reservation. The deal isn’t supposed to apply for “groups.”  She defined “group” as people who know each other and are arriving on the same day. She had no explanation for why this was just brought up now.  I maybe would have been more understanding if more than 50% of the sentences out of her mouth were not “I completely understand.”  She understands nothing. She told me to change our plans.  I told her that cannot be done at this point.  She didn’t care…even though she “completely understands.”

I called the (I used them to book the other hotel for the rest of the stay) and the hotel we’re in prior to this other one is booked full.  I also checked the hotel’s website for those dates and they are not available.  So I went through Priceline and found a LaQuinta near the airport and booked that.  So today I guess I’ll have to get hold of Crystal and tell her to issue the refund of our $50 deposit NOW.  She already said that we’ll have to apply to Deal Chicken for a refund.  From past experience with Deal Chicken, I’m not sure that will happen.  (Oh, and I need to go to Groupon to get a refund for the Gino’s gift certs, too, now that Gino’s has closed.  But I expect Groupon to be good about it.)

Yeah, I need more stuff like this dumped on me.  Sigh.

Meanwhile, my cowls are selling well. And I just sold another Mad Willy “Apex Colors” hat. Yay!  If anyone is interested in cowls, shawls, afghans, mittens, dishcloths/potholders, hats, baby stuff, or custom crochet work, let me know.  But not socks.  You’d never be able to afford what I’d charge you to crochet socks.

The dogs are doing well.  And I’m not reading as much as I should be–got stuck on playing The Enchanted Kingdom again.  But I’m planning on getting back to reading soon.  I’ve been having some charging issues with the Fire; per online info, that’s not unusual for this version.  I know the work-around now, and just need to remember that when the icon shows that the battery is still fully charged…it might not be and I need to turn it off and back on and recheck the icon.


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